Many years of reading, research and inner-circle relationships with America’s great spiritual, military, and conservative leaders have brought John W. Chalfant numerous awards and recognitions, and more importantly have resulted in his insight into spiritual crises afflicting every aspect of our personal lives and the well-being of our nation.

John Chalfant at the age of 40 - already concerned and engaged in pro-America research.

Early in his career, his passions were electronics and political affairs. While working at a missile research and development center, a senior colleague played a tape-recording for Chalfant of a speech by Richard Arens, Staff Director of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, entitled “Dangers to our Internal Security.” Arens began, “Two thousand years ago there was One who spoke these words: ‘No man can serve two masters’…” The first fifteen minutes were devoted to comparing Jesus Christ, the author of freedom, to Karl Marx, the destroyer of freedom. That speech transformed Chalfant’s life, and he committed the rest of it to the service of Jesus Christ and America’s freedoms.

Chalfant began his new career by organizing and directing an award winning “Freedom on the Offense” program which was later recognized by J. Edgar Hoover and others. Over the next thirty years he developed personal associations with Christian, conservative and pro-defense leaders of national movements, helping them in many ways, especially funding. He settled in Miami, FL and opened a commercial real estate company specializing in syndications and land development. He and his wife, Linda, have raised five children.

Chalfant was asked by the American Security Council to head its national pro-defense “SALT SYNDROME” video marketing campaign which President Ronald Reagan later wrote was a major factor in his election victory. Chalfant is also a member of the Council for National Policy.

This background culminated in his authoring Abandonment Theology, the first in a series of hard-hitting analyses and solutions-oriented books, studies and position papers to be published by America – A Call to Greatness® of which John Chalfant is founder and president.