America – A Call To Greatness has been featured multiple times on national TV in every state; to the U.S. Armed Services, and by radio to 200 countries. For several years its author, John Chalfant, gave open-phone radio network programs about the book. One network rated its interview with the author as one of the top broadcasts of the year. Recently, an international magazine reproduced the book chapter-by-chapter.  The blogs are read in many countries, communist and non-communist. World Net Daily featured America – A Call To Greatness in the centerspread of it’s powerful classic magazine, Whistleblower, as one of the top 8 books of its period. The book carries bold endorsements by numerous national leaders of our Christian conservative movements. Legislators in 18 states have written endorsement letters, and personally distributed the book to every legislator in their respective states both Democrat and Republican. It has been used as a text in Christian schools, and has been extensively referenced in noted books of our cause of America’s God-given freedoms.

“Must reading for every American – Christians especially.”

“John Chalfant is the Thomas Paine of today.”

“A Must Read for Every Christian in America!”

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