Just what IS the much debated American Exceptionalism? Even our own President Obama doesn’t seem to know, as he  declares such naive nonsense as, “every country thinks it is exceptional”. Is “exceptionalism” simply an undefined expression of pride? 

America’s exceptionalism is different from that of any country in the world today, and in history. In fact, we are not only the envy of the world, but countless citizens of other nations have risked and given their lives just for the chance to live here. To them, America was and is paradise on earth.  Why?

The key to American exceptionalism is our political freedom, a product of spiritual freedom. In fact America’s entire system of government was designed to be the servant of the citizens, and our U.S. Constitution was established to limit and define the power of our government.  In America, the ultimate power was (is) in the hands of the voting citizens.

Thus our American free enterprise system was born and the citizens (“We the people”) became free to be industrious, to create and prosper in proportion to our contributions to others. That is the heartbeat of American exceptionalism.

The magic key is freedom

To understand American exceptionaslism, you must first understand its essence,  it’s foundation, beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and the minds and intentions of America’s Founding Fathers.

That’s what our last two blogs were all about :  THE MIRACLE OF FREEDOM – Our Sacred Trust (published Sept. 8th), and, IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, FREEDOM HAS BEEN THE EXCEPTION (published Sept. 6th).  Go back and read them carefully. Then you will understand why American Exceptionalism is not an ego-centereed term of personal or national pride, rather,  it is the very essence of our country’s unequalled greatness.


John W. Chalfant, President, America – A Call To Greatness, Inc.

Go to and buy our classic book (heavily endorsed by many national leaders),  America – A Call To Greatness. From cover to cover it is crammed with Bible quotes – action mandates from Christ Himself which the Founding Farthers lived-by and advocated. This enabeled them to give us a nation long the envy of the world for its abundance and citizen freedoms.  You will also conclude that within their boundaries church and state are inseparable.



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