Going to Produce Bountiful Blessings

“John W. Chalfant’s  important book America-A Call To Greatness is going to produce bountiful blessings upon the Christian ministries of this troubled land. He has captured the essence of militant Christianity as it relates to love of country and devotion to democratic principles which it is every citizen.s opportunity and obligation to uphold. I believe that serious readers everywhere will find the imprint of the hand of God on this marvelous contribution to Christian and patriotic literature.”

D. James Kennedy, D.D., Ph.D., B.A. M.Div., M.Th., D.S.Litt., Litt.D., D.Sac.Theol., D.Humane Let.
Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

A primary reference source for the above presentation is the classic book America — A Call To Greatness. Order yours now at www.amazon.com

Also, your donation will help John reach countless people who need his messages at this crucial hour for America.

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