They murdered or maimed nearly 200 Americans at the marathon finish line, and media moguls are referring to their murder spree as “senseless” acts.

Senseless? How can it be senseless to practice the doctrines of one’s own religion?

Is it senseless to practice jihad … to wage a holy war on behalf of Islam as a religious duty?

Is it senseless to kill people to whom one’s “holy book” refers as “the vilest of all creatures”?

Is it senseless to honor the precepts of the greatest religion that was founded 1,400 years ago?

Is it senseless to do that which will, at the worst, win the services of 72 anxious virgins?

Is it senseless to agree with the thousands of jihadists around the world who trample the American flag?

Is it senseless to join forces with the millions who burn effigies of American presidents?

Is it really senseless to kill infidel Americans who insist on ignoring the Muslim religion?

Is it senseless to win the accolades of millions of Muslims, and to be listed in the annals of the Muslim religion as heroes of the faith?

No, as they see it nothing that promotes the interests of their Muslim religion by killing Americans is senseless.

But we see it differently. What is truly senseless is permitting American prisons and mosques to serve as breeding grounds of radical jihad, and opening the door to citizenship for crazy Muslim killers because “discrimination” would be a sin.


contributed by H. Edward Rowe, ThD., D.D. 

published by America – A Call To Greatness, Inc., John W. Chalfant, President



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