The Long Road to Freedom: 65 Freedom Gems

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A choice friend for 35 years, Edward Rowe has written the following short essay titled “The Long Road to Freedom” and the “65 Freedom Gems” which will appear in his up-coming book on the Christian history of freedom, to be titled “The Freedom Code.” H. Edward Rowe was formerly president of the Christian Freedom Foundation. He holds the B.A. Degree from Gordon College, the Th.M. degree with highest academic honors from Dallas Theological Seminary, and the D.D. degree from the California Graduate School of Theology. An avid student of history, Dr. Ed Rowe concludes that America’s freedoms are rooted in biblical faith that was proclaimed in the first century, revived in the Christian Reformation of the 16 th century, and prominently practiced by the citizens and founders of the United States of America. The founding pillars of America’s freedom, he maintains, are the conviction that God is the Author of Freedom as asserted in the Declaration of Independence, and that the role of government is to guarantee to citizens those God-given rights that define their precious freedoms. I am happy to share Dr. Ed Rowe’s freedom quotes as a guest contribution to my blog articles. -John W. Chalfant

The Long Road to Freedom

Join me for a revealing tour through the long corridor of history. Let’s visit the heroes of freedom whose valiant efforts eventually gave birth to the first free nation.

When we finish the journey, we will be different. We’ll better understand the enormous cost of the freedom we enjoy today, and we will appreciate it more than ever before.

Along the way, observe with me the tragic reality of the ages. From the dawn of history, most people are living out their short and wretched days groaning and travailing under the cruel lash of a ruthless tyrant.

The abused majority of all races, tribes and nations never breathe the fragrant air of freedom. They barely subsist, hopelessly trapped and deprived of even the dream of freedom.

Walking through history, we visit the pitiful world that was. We suffer with our ancestors through their desperate oppression and hopeless struggles along the blood-soaked pathway of the tragic centuries.

Our heart beats with theirs through their millennia-long moonless night of brutal despotism and soul-rending deprivation.

We thank our sovereign God for His merciful intervention to rescue a fallen race forever prone to rebellion, and to provide the spiritual foundation of national freedom.

We rejoice that, after five thousand turbulent years, a great free nation is born in the fresh new world beyond the setting sun from war-ravaged Europe.

We are there as America is born and the sun rises on a bright new order of the ages.

65 Freedom Gems

  1. There is no constitutional right to destroy the constitution.
  2. God has always been the author of freedom, but men must believe it if men will be free.
  3. Christians produced our free country, and Christians must preserve it.
  4. Only a virtuous people can be a free people.
  5. Because government does not originate rights, it cannot abolish them.
  6. No atheists, agnostics, philosophers, polytheists or pantheists ever produced a free nation.
  7. Separation of church and state is not separation of Christian truth from state.
  8. Applied Christianity is faith that makes a difference in all areas of life including government.
  9. If a Christian does not cast a vote, Satan will cast it for him.
  10. Maximum obedience to God results in maximum freedom.
  11. A nation in which corruption thrives is not a free nation.
  12. In a free society, God-given rights are guaranteed by constitutional law.
  13. Free speech is a terror to tyrants.
  14. The government that controls communication controls the people.
  15. Human law benefits citizens only of it accords with God’s law.
  16. Give a bureaucrat an ounce of power and he will use a ton of it.
  17. Socialism, Communism, Fascism and Nazism are self-destructive systems.
  18. Free enterprise produces better living standards than any other system.
  19. Denial of free enterprise is denial of freedom.
  20. Unrestrained power to tax is power to destroy.
  21. Excessive taxation kills incentives and kills people.
  22. The degree of taxation measures the degree of enslavement.
  23. Peace is gained and maintained only through strength.
  24. Pacifists live in a fantasyland of unreality.
  25. Those like Neville Chamberlain who curry the favor of tyrants invite disaster.
  26. Citizens have two choices: godly self-control or control by police.
  27. Increasing morality among citizens increases enjoyment of freedom.
  28. Politicians have every right to quote the Bible and to be guided by it.
  29. Faith in falsehood is the ultimate absurdity of nonsense.
  30. Souls immersed in demonic darkness cannot liberate nations.
  31. Nothing good can be constructed on a foundation of falsehood.
  32. A thousand fake gods cannot redeem a single human soul.
  33. The rubble of history is the destination of nations that ignore God.
  34. Any nation that is not ruled by virtue will die in its own vice.
  35. An empire constructed on the sand of mythology will join the ash-heap of history.
  36. Without the guidance of God, no nation can endure.
  37. A people who are not subject to divine guidance will be subject to brute force.
  38. Control of citizen conduct through spiritual faith is essential to national freedom.
  39. A “democratic republic” controlled by scammers and thugs is not a free country.
  40. There has never been a free society apart from the spiritual fruit of biblical faith.
  41. Only souls that are changed by the Spirit of God can produce a free nation.
  42. Good men bearing arms is the best antidote to crime.
  43. Armed law-keepers are a terror to armed law-breakers.
  44. Redeemed people gave us our freedom, and only redeemed people can maintain it.
  45. Active Christianity is the continuing conscience of America.
  46. Applied Christianity is the mainspring of constitutional government.
  47. Immoral political solutions are not solutions at all.
  48. Increasing government power decreases individual freedom.
  49. Genuine Christian faith is foundational to genuine national freedom.
  50. Freedom has a spiritual foundation, and it cannot be imposed by force.
  51. Faith in false gods was the fundamental reason for the fall of the Roman Empire.
  52. Weak faith in the Living God is better than strong faith in false gods.
  53. A budget deficit is a nail in the national coffin.
  54. A politician who buys votes by reckless spending must be evicted from office.
  55. False gods are deceptive guides along the shadowy pathway to doom.
  56. Philosophy, which originates in the depraved human mind, cannot produce freedom.
  57. People without steadfast moral anchors cannot be free.
  58. Freedom cannot grow from the soil of humanistic philosophy.
  59. Perverted religion is an excuse for engaging in atrocious conduct.
  60. Self-control is most effective when faith in God is most genuine.
  61. Failure to restrain evil is complicity with it.
  62. Denial of freedom by a nation assures its eventual collapse.
  63. A constructive function of a free press is exposure of evil in government.
  64. Speculations spun and woven by defective minds cannot produce a free nation.
  65. Free societies can only be constructed on spiritual foundations by redeemed souls.

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