From: John Chalfant []
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 10:10 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: Sandy

Governor Christie:

The exit polls show that a high percentage of undecided voters who voted for Obama did so based on their observation of you with arm around Obama, praising him, during storm Sandy.

That, on your part, was political stupidity beyond any rational justification. Experts contend that your mindless spectacle destroyed the momentum of Governor Romney and handed the election to Obama, a Marxist communist socialist Muslim. The consequences of Obama’s re-election to America’s cherished freedoms will establish you in the history books as the most despicable type of political turncoat.

May America never be cursed with your election to any national office, and may the citizens of N.J. send you down in disgrace ASAP!

John W. Chalfant
America A Call To Greatness, Inc.

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