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Here’s what you’ll get in the book, AMERICA – A CALL TO GREATNESS

. The Christian worldview

. What is greatness?

. The militant, action-based faith of the Founding Fathers, name-by-name

. How the clergy neutralizes Christians

. What is “Abandonment Theology”?

. The Founding Fathers, slavery and “reparations”

. Church and State: the “wall of separation”

. America – democracy or republic?

. America – “A nation of laws? Who’s laws? . Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution – anchored in the Bible?

. Government – the servant: Christian duty – what Christmandates (Rom. 13:1-4)

. Salvation and works: are works important to Christ?

. Military Vulnerability: from without; from within

. Public schools – what wrecked them?

. Consequences when God was kicked out? Tolerant clergy and parents

. Creation vs evolution, seeds of freedom, or tyranny

. Christ the warrior: His mission “…to destroy the works of the devil”

. “Bleachers Christians” in the holocaust: pre-Nazi Germany; pre-communist Russia

. What is love? Does “love” mean to tolerantly “turn the other cheek”?

. When to tolerate: the most intolerant man who ever walked on Planet Earth

. “Front Line Organizations” fighting our battles

. Endorsements by America’s foremost church and political leaders

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