Sub-title #1 in the March/15 McAlvany Intelligence Advisor reads: Common Core: Educating Children For The Coming Socialist Society.

In a lengthy editorial, editor Donald McAlvany again sounds the alarm, as he details the fast-accelerating vulnerability of America’s God-given freedoms through the loss of our youth.

In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote: All these symptoms of decay are ultimately only consequences of the lack of a certain, commonly acknowledged view of life and of the general uncertainty in the judgment, and the definition of an attitude towards the various great questions of the time, resulting from it. Therefore, everything, beginning with education, is half-hearted and wavering, shuns responsibility and ends thus in cowardly tolerance of even recognized evils. Dreamy humaneness becomes the fashion… .

Hitler continues: When looking at the religious conditions…here too, uniform, and effective convictions through a view of life, had long been lost in great parts of the nation… .

Pre-Nazi Germany’s clergy overwhelmingly capitulated and refused to take a stand even when Hitler’s evil became obvious.

As we know from history, these conditions laid the foundation for Hitler’s rise to absolute tyranny over the people. They are detailed in the great classic book by William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

To be continued.


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