We are living in times of fast-increasing deadly – enslaving perils to our sacred God-given freedoms – perils which promise our children a life of misery and hell-on earth.

Every breath and thought should and must be focused on that reality. The truth is that “Eternal vigilance is forever the price of liberty“, and focused on God’s mandate for each of us to Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. (Gal 5:1)

The Christ-hating Muslim movement, ISIS, whose Quran [Surah 8:12-14] demands that Muslims, in the name of Allah,  chop off the heads and torture non-Muslims — men, women, children as “infidels” is, with the help of our President, spreading relentlessly worldwide. It outspokenly targets the United States – inevitably our children; while Obama militarily disarms our national defenses,  fires our top military commanders, and renders us (for one example) unable to intercept and destroy incoming nuclear-armed missiles.

Add to that, God-mocking events such as U.S. congressional support and funding for mass murder of millions of helpless infants through Planned Parenthood. God will not be mocked (Gal. 6:7).  All nations that forget God shall be turned into hell. (Psalm 9:17) 

America’s churches and pre-Nazi Germany

       Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders

Today in America the silence of the churches parallels pre-Nazi Germany to the extent that an avowed socialist democrat, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) is actually running on the democrat ticket for President of the United States in the upcoming 2016 elections. He is gaining alarming support. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao tse Tung, Pol Pot, and a host of other death-dealing tyrants were socialists.

Relentless “Fallen Human Nature”

Paul in Romans 3:15-18, describes them: Their feet are swift to shed blood: destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace they have not known.  Fallen human nature” does NOT change. Thus “eternal vigilance” is  not an elective for any American, rather, an imperative.

Americans In Denial

Today in America, an alarming number of voting Americans  have lost their ability to define freedom’s enemies, and as a result are in denial, satisfied to point their fingers and label today’s Paul Reveres as “extremists”, war mongers, not compassionate, unloving. Remember,  Love is obedience to the commandments (2 John 6). He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth [Christ – ed] is not in him (1 John 2:4).

Churchill & WWII

Winston Churchill, in reflecting on the same problem of the British and their churches living in denial which gave the green light to Hitler, wrote, The malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous.


Read my 2011 blog, below, because it deals in genocide and and mass  liquidations of men, women and history…then ask yourself whether you and your loved ones may be standing on the threshold of the same through your denial and confusion, thus inviting a repeat of the same here, today.


Could it be a prelude to America’s threshold today?

Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka – What’s New?

This is the first of a series of examinations into whether the holocaust could have been prevented. If so, by whom? Whose responsibility was it? Have holocausts been limited to Jews?

I have just returned from my first research trip to Auschwitz and Dachau. They, and over thirty other Nazi camps are living testimonials to the depth to which unbridled man can sink when he turns his back on God, as did Hitler and his Nazis. All nations that forget God shall be turned into hell (Psalm 9:17). What is meant by “forget”? Is pacifism a synonym for “forget”?

I had seen hundreds of photographs in books taken by Hitler’s SS when his killing camps were operating at full capacity, Auschwitz murdering up-to 10,000 Jews, Christians, Russians, Gypsies and others per day, with special focus on genocide of the Jews including men, women and children. This would have been the prelude of things to come had Hitler won the war, which he almost did. I stood at some of those very photographed sites and viewed the crematoria, the gas chambers, the whipping/flogging posts, the starvation cells, the suffocation cells, the gallows, the ever-bigger ovens. Science without moral restrictions!

BIG BUSINESS: In Auschwitz I saw chambers of suitcases with owners’ names hand-written on them (for reclaiming), and mountains of spectacles and hair. The guide reminded us that this “scientific”, efficient system of death without mercy (mothers and children often killed first), masterminded by Hitler’s SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, was big business; so big that the stolen proceeds (jewels, gold, diamonds, etc.) financed a large portion of the SS budget. Slave labor was marched, under horrible conditions, several miles to I.G. Farben’s rubber plant. More big business. More profits.

CONSEQUENCES: Today, holocaust museums abound, as do stories and heartbreaking documentary movies depicting the horrors to which millions of Polish and European Jews were subjected. In a word, all of this could be summed up under the title, CONSEQUENCES.

NOTHING NEW: Of course, there’s nothing new about masses of men, women and children being starved or tortured to death by their enemies. In antiquity enemies surrounded entire cities and forced starvation on the citizens. In Cambodia, 50% of the population were put to death in the killing fields not by bullets, but by being beaten to death by the communist Khmer Rouge with shovels and other crude instruments. In Rome Christian fathers, mothers and children were fed to starving lions. In the Spanish Inquisition the Popes themselves devised and presided over horrific tortures of suspected infidels. (That also was big business because many “infidels” who perished in the Inquisitors’ torture chambers were wealthy. Their wealth was then divided between Spain and the Popes); In Russia Stalin and his death camps (“gulags”) mercilessly claimed an estimated 17 million lives; in China Mao Tse Tung slaughtered an estimated 40-60 million with focus on Christians; In North Korea the communist death camps have to date, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives under unspeakable conditions.

Today American television is still saturated with documentaries depicting genocide of the Jews in Hitler’s death camps. Again, this falls under the banner of CONSEQUENCES.

Jewish slogan “Never Again” – meaningless

“Never Again” has become almost a Jewish slogan without addressing the Cause. To focus on the consequence, reduces Never Again to a mere emotion.

What about our CAUSE of America’s sacred freedoms?

In coming blogs we’ll examine events leading to the holocaust and whether it could have been prevented. By whom? Were warnings and alarms sounded and ignored? If so, by whom? How were the alarm-sounders received?

Is America now headed toward such a fate?


John W. Chalfant, President, America – A Call To Greatness, Inc.,  (407) 629-5700

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