Frontline Organizations

These days, almost everybody is urgently asking, “What can I do?”, as they watch our God-given freedoms vanishing or in obvious mortal danger. If we let those freedoms slip away the inheritance we will leave to our loved ones could be horrible beyond our imagination. Many Christians are willing to “let it happen” because they believe we are living in the “last days” of the biblical “end times”. Others would gladly go all-out to do SOMETHING, if only they knew where to turn and what to do.

There is an answer to this common dilemma. It is set forth in the book America – A Call To Greatness pgs 213-226. Many frontline organizations are listed together with profiles on their leadership, fighting abilities, and track records. They extend from America’s top Christian/conservative youth leadership training center, to her leading Constitutional law firms, to her unmatched pro-national defense organizations. All are engaged in the thick of the battles for our freedoms.

Fact is, we do not have to turn to the pages of history to find America’s greatest heroes. They’re alive and on the front lines in every theatre of the spiritual, ideological and political battles of the times and the hour. You can help them. They can help you.

John W. Chalfant
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A primary reference source for the above presentation is the classic book America — A Call To Greatness. Order yours now at

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