Thanks for WHAT –  a legacy similar to the “onslaught” below?

Soon Coming Here?

There is an onslaught against Christians in the Middle East, who are being butchered, crucified, and beheaded in Syria and Iraq, and persecuted and threatened in sub-Saharan Africa,  Iran,  Pakistan, Indonesia, and elsewhere. Muslims are dying at the hands of their fellow Muslims across the Sunni-Shiite divide. Bahai are suffering persecution in Iran and Egypt, Buddhists in Vietnam, Myanmar in China, and Hindus in Pakistan. And within living memory of the holocaust, anti-Semitism has returned to Europe. 

(Quoted from Jonathan Sacks, The Wall Street Journal 12/26/14, contracted from his much lengthier editorial as reproduced in the March/2015 issue of The Summit Journal, Manitou Springs, CO):

Media Deception

Every day, we hear deceptive warnings: “The national  economy is on the verge of collapse! Save your hard-earned money. Transfer your cash, 401Ks, etc. into gold, silver, precious metals or assets that promise rocketing appreciation when the ‘inevitable’ happens.” In other words, it is implied that by one simple act we can ‘retire’   confident that we will survive the fast- approaching economic calamity and it’s unthinkable consequences.

What, therefore, is deceptive and disarming about those media-saturated messages?

Our REAL Legacy To Our Kids

Suppose we do as the media recommend, oblivious to the godless inheritance of hell on earth we are leaving our loved ones.  Does “Eternal vigilance is forever the price of liberty” (attributed to Thomas Jefferson) no longer apply?

The Relentless Assault

Could it be that the relentless silver/gold/retirement assault is designed to create a strategically-timed (but false) sense of future security – to cause us to put on the blinders at an hour when the real crucial issue upon which everything rests is, in fact, life or death for America’s God-given freedoms…thus for our children?

The Homework Imperative

The above editorial quote from Jonathan Sacks is what could happen to America (a)  if,  in the upcoming elections, you vote wrong, say, on impulse – as on a candidate’s personality, for want of knowledge about the crucial issues; (b) you remain silent until then (Silence IS a vote by default.).

Prelude to America?

Could the above-described conditions be a prelude to events fast-approaching our America? Obviously, this discourse is about priorities, and is not intended to diminish the imperative for sound investments in our teetering, volatile economy. But…if we prioritize money above our freedoms, what legacy for our loved ones will we have achieved?

The answers are all in the Bible: See John 8:32 and John14:6


Biblical Perspective

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