The Real Founder of America

Who was the real founder of America? Was it an assemblage of the Fathers, the clergy and the colonists? Was it an “expositor” of the Scriptures such as John Calvin, whose revolutionary insights crystallized into many of the personal freedoms we know today? Was it Martin Luther, who broke the papal tyranny and began the Protestant Reformation? Perhaps it was the Reverend John Wycliffe who in 1382 helped bring the Dark Ages to a conclusion by translating the Bible from Latin into English for the common man and discovered in the Scriptures the principle of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

In spite of their vast contributions which culminated in America’s freedoms, none of these men ever claimed any role other than that of “expositor” or “translator” of the Bible. We can therefore draw no other conclusion than that Jesus Christ, beginning with the triumph of His resurrection, was the real Author of America’s freedoms – the true Founder of America.

Christ was the bedrock and centerpiece of the living, power-filled (Spirit-filled) invincible faith of the Fathers. It was the colonists and their Christian clergy who brought forth our Declaration of Independence and our American Constitutional Republic.

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