Those were the agonized words of Christ

to women and mothers as he staggered under the weight of the cross on the way to Golgotha (Calvary) where He was to be crucified. His head was drenched in blood from the crown of thorns, and He had been mercilessly whipped (scourged).  Was this innocent man Jesus Christ, embittered as any victim of evil and corruption would be?

The Whole Title Context

Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children (Luke 23: 28).

What did He mean? Throughout His 3-years ministry, Jesus had delivered the laws of personal and political liberty and freedom – laws which constituted a direct attack on enslaving tyrants…laws which the weeping onlookers did not comprehend.

History of slavery: As far back as 3,500 BC the vast percentage of people had known nothing but cruel slavery and serfdom. Government “of the people, by the people,  for the people”  (from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as he reflected on the sacred essence of our Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Republic), was unimaginable.  Jesus knew the blindness of his persecutors was actually a default of knowledge for which their children would pay with their own slavery and lives.

A current example of an atheist government  -vs- America’s Christ-based Constitutional Republic

Kim Jong-Un

An escapee from Marxist/atheist Kim Jong-Un’s Communist North Korea (which bristles with Kim’s Marxist Communist slave labor and death camps) was asked the difference between North Korea and our Christian-founded United States. He answered: North Korea is hell: America is heaven!

Jesus Christ and the Second Amendment

The entire ministry of Christ was devoted to contrasting the blessings of liberty (the “Light” of Life and Truth),  to the curse of  evil and darkness, keeping us ever mindful of the imperative for each of us to be at all times aware of the relentless ever-attacking nature of evil, and the consequences of compromise (Mat.7:13), should we weaken in our commitment and diligence as Christians to obey His mandates …reprove, rebuke, exhort…(2 Tim.4:1-2); and to  Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free (Gal. 5:1).

Accordingly,  in stressing the DUTY of every Christian to face up-to and deal with our fallen world… here’s what Christ teaches about the defense of one’s own family and loved ones:

he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one (Luke 22:36)

For today’s pacifist Christians

who ignore or deny the nature of evil, and try to justify abdicating their sacred duty to be prepared;  and who are willing to disarm us, even in flagrant violation of Christ’s mandated duty that personal defense is un-compromiseable: possession of personal weapons for the defense of our families is non-negotiable.  The Author Himself of our personal and national freedoms has so-stipulated.



There He hung in unspeakable agony as the Roman soldiers and other onlookers mocked and laughed at Him.

BUT – did Christ turn bitter and vengeful toward them, or toward Pilate or Herod?

Pilate had capitulated to political pressure, and declared:

I wash my hands of the blood of this innocent person (Mat 27:24).

NO, Jesus did not exhibit bitterness! He knew His executioners were committing their atrocious deeds out of ignorance of Who He was and the blessings He had brought to mankind for then and future ages. He knew He was dealing with spiritually blind scoffers:

The light shineth in darkness: and the darkness comprehended it not (John 1:5).

So, He forgave them.

BUT… He did NOT forgive evil for being evil. Rather,  He recognized it for what it was (is) and the power it can have over men which blinds them to the Truth and engages them into committing actions that deprive their own families and children and future generations of the blessings of liberty.

BC and AD

CHRIST’S HISTORIC IMPACT: following his 3-years public ministry and His crucifixion,  historians of world events since the Creation have  divided history into BC and AD (before Christ and after His death on the cross).  There have since been landmark wars in which His divine laws of liberty have been successfully pitted against evil, tyranny and slavery – often overwhelming in size and numbers as in the American Revolution.

Miraculously,  against seemingly hopeless odds men of faith in Christ (example- the founding Fathers of America) gave their lives in the sacred cause of Christ-authored liberty.  Seemingly impossible victories were won over the workers of iniquity. Reference again the American Revolution.

From whence did they derive their strength? 

I give you power to tread on serpents…and over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19).  [We have but to use it. – ed]



Although evil is no match for righteousness and Truth (Christ),  which fact is proven by AD history itself,  Satan’s evil and tyranny can conquer and triumph ONLY if Christians lose their discernment and vigilance, thus lose their ability to distinguish Truth from error: Christ’s Truth from Satan’s evil.

This loss of definition and resolve opens the door to tyrannical Marxist/Leninist atheism which appears in the form of “secular humanism” and a myriad of other political deceptions such as socialism- targeted on the Christians’ mind.

All have one objective in common: beginning with the clergy, lowering of our guard through confusion and inability to distinguish “church and state” (Our American “state/government” was founded on the Biblical precept of “executive, legislative, judicial – AKA “separation of powers” to checkmate tyranny.)  The clergy of that time were directly involved in the founding of our American government.



When Christians have been disarmed of the knowledge of their heritage and the foundations of Christ’s freedom and Truth,  their ability to discern between His laws of liberty and Satan’s strategy of relentless attacks becomes impaired.

In Satan’s case, the charges are often personalized by the media in “smear” terms against America’s most outspoken and concerned defenders. Those smears and deceptions have been and are targeted against Christian leaders such as those named below, who collectively have been the principal reason why our republic has survived enslavement.  The smears have proven to be highly effective, as in today’s media “dis-information” assault.

The Play-it-safe clergy

Those dis-information attacks need only be targeted to the irresolution and gullibility of the people (Christians) who often respond(ed) with kneejerk (unthinking, emotion-based) reactions, their having lost (thanks to the play-it-safe 501(c)3 clergy) their knowledge of Christian Truths (Christ), their abilities for discernment, and thus commitment to His action mandates. 

That is, through ignorance, America’s citizens are surrendering their children and loved ones to evil, tyranny, and probable reduction to the dust bin of dead nations.

Extremists and Right-Wing Extremists

This deficit of knowledge is often evidenced by their labeling of the standard bearers of our Christian American cause as “extremists”, or “right-wing extremists”.

In reality, these totally committed “extremists” have been, and are great men and women who have discerned the workers of iniquity in action, and have taken the initiative to expose them and engage them in the ideological, political and spiritual arenas.

Because they (America’s real Heroes) number in the thousands, past and present, I cannot begin to list them. But following are a few, some I have personally known for years.  Note that “liberal” smear terms are designed for gullible, non-thinking (but voting) Americans.


I have listed below a handful of great American patriots to whom you and I and our loved ones owe immeasurable gratitude. Without them we may already have lost our God-given freedoms.

Put yourself to the kneejerk test as you read names such as the late U.S. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. Bear in mind that in order to discredit them (deflect the public from the core issues), their (our) enemies inevitably focus on some personality flaw(s) or shortcomings, often contrived.

(1) Dr. H. Edward Rowe, Dallas Theological Seminary, founder-president of Mission to America, later president/editor Christian Freedom Foundation: warned America through his book SAVE AMERICA – The Power of the Christian Citizen.  Dr. Rowe’s contributions to America’s freedoms have been so extensive that this periscope view cannot do justice.

(2) Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, founder, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, author of famous book You Can Trust The Communists (to do exactly as they say). 

That is,  they are, as F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover emphasized in his famous book Masters of Deceit, which concerns deadly masters of stealth and subversion. Their evil nature only flexes; it does not change; On the back cover: Every citizen has a duty to learn more about the menace that threatens his future, his home, his children, the peace of the world – and that is why I have written this book.

(3) Dr. David A. Noebel, founder of Summit Ministries, (today America’s largest Christian youth leadership training school – operating in many states and other countries (over 500,000 graduates), Colorado Springs, CO.; author many great books, probably the most notable: Understanding The Times;

(4) David Kupelian is an award-winning American journalist, vice president and managing editor of online news giant WND (World Net Daily), and editor of Whistleblower magazine. In addition to his culture-war classic The Marketing of Evil, he is the author of How Evil Works, and most recently, The Snapping of the American mind. Kupelian has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, CBN, and many other TV and radio venues.

From his book cover: The Marketing of Evil exposes how radicals, elitists, and pseudo-experts sell us corruption disguised as freedom.

(5) U.S. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, author The Fight For America – an expose of communist subversion in the U.S. government.  Died of mysterious cause.

From his book: For example, so often we found that in the stories about McCarthy, a word like “evidence” was changed to “unfounded charges,” “McCarthy stated” would become”McCarthy shouted;” “digging up evidence” became “dredging up evidence.”  “In one case I recall the story as written on the Hill was “McCarthy picked up his briefcase full of documents and left.” When the story left the rewrite desk it was “McCarthy grabbed his briefcase and stormed from the room.”

In his book (pg 43) McCarthy wrote:

Before Russia was recognized by the United States in 1933, Dean Acheson [Secretary of State – ed] was paid by the Soviet Union to act as Stalin’s lawyer in this country.

McCarthy proceeds to name specific persons in high U.S. Government positions critical to national security who were communist agents.

(6) J Edgar Hoover,  Director of the FBI 

On the back cover:  F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover emphasized in his famous book Masters of Deceit, which concerns deadly Communist masters of stealth and subversion, that their evil nature only flexes; communism does not change.

On the back cover: Every citizen has a duty to learn more about the menace that threatens his future, his home, his children, the peace of the world – and that is why I have written this book…

Here is…the inside story of communist strategy and methods of mass agitation, the inner workings of it’s espionage and sabotage activities.

(7) Dr. Billy James Hargis: Tulsa, Oklahoma: American Christian evangelist, founder of Christian Crusade, author of many books, three being Communist America – Must It Be; Why I fight for a Christian America;  Distortion By Design.

Daily radio broadcasts on 500+ and 250 TV stations.

Dr. Hargis created the famous Bible balloon project which sent 100,000 balloons containing Bible verses into Communist controlled Iron Curtain countries;.

(8) Dr. Carl McIntire, Collingswood, N.J.:  President Intl. Council of Christian Churches; Founder/President 20th Century Reformation Hour.  Daily broadcasts on hundreds of radio stations;  Began every broadcast:

A person who does not use his freedom to defend his freedom, does not deserve his freedom;

(9) Dr. D. James Kennedy, Sr minister Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft Lauderdale, FL operated in 200 countries in addition to USA.  On  735 radio & 1,100 TV. See pg 216 my book America A Call To Greatness, under chapter “Frontline Organizations

(10) Don McAlvany MIA (McAlvany Intelligence Advisor): ref  my bk America A Call To Greatness, pg 218. Powerful, authoritative, current geopolitical/economic, monthly, hundreds of radio stations.  Lengthy discourse in my book.

(11) General George J. Keegan USAF, WWII fighter pilot (highest decorations), Chief of USAF Intelligence, Wash., D.C..  On board of American Security Council, Wash., D.C. Committed his career to defense of America;

(12) General Daniel O. Graham, Deputy Director of the CIA, director of The Defense Intelligence Agency; military advisor to Ronald Reagan; Chairman, “Coalition For Peace Through Strength“.

(13) Dr. Henry M. Morris, Chairman, Civil Engineering Dept., Virginia Polytech Institute; Founder Institute For Creation Research, author of many books showing scientific evidences for the authority of the Bible and Christ – books such as THE GENESIS FLOOD, and MANY INFALLIBLE PROOFS.


Why have Americans tolerated the perversions and distortions of truth by the press/media?

The answer lies in the famous May 29, 1957 testimony of Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, (#2, above)  before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in which he summarized his lengthy testimony:

The Communists claim victory is certain for the following reasons: They say it is inevitable, because we are the product of our own environment which has created us so intellectually dishonest, so unwilling to face the evidence, so selfish, so greedy, and so intoxicated with entertainment that we will never have the honesty, the intelligence, the courage, or the dedication necessary to do what must be done if we are to survive.  

(14) For more extensive reviews of an additional 19 leaders of our 20th century, and their organizations who have been and are fighting on the front Lines for us, refer to pages 213 through 226 of my book, America A Call To Greatness.


Forgive Them!”…  Compassionate love, or battle cry?

When Christ, hanging on the cross, appealed to His Father to forgive His executioners …for they know not what they do, He was not demonstrating a simple compassionate love for them; rather He was demonstrating the inability of darkness (His executioners and mockers) to comprehend Light and Life (John 1:5); and the impact on future generations, of a lack of discernment.


There can be no “peaceful coexistence” or compromise politically or spiritually with the workers of iniquity.

The Bible bottom-lines who we would be dealing with: that is, the heritage we may be leaving our children.


Their feet are swift to shed blood: destruction and misery are in their ways: and the way of peace they have not known: There is no fear of God before their eyes (Rom 3:15-18).


 Eternal vigilance is forever the price of liberty

has been and today is, the centerpiece of America’s outspoken evangelical leaders.


Please re-read my last blog titled IF AMERICA LETS THE LIGHT OF CHRIST GO OUT…WHAT TO EXPECT (click top listing hereto, right sidebar). It overflows with eternal vigilance action-based biblical treasures and imperatives – straight from Christ, Himself.


In my opinion, every American owes the above listed men and women a debt of gratitude for standing against the unending assaults by Satan, who attacks in a myriad of disguises.

Without these great leaders, a near-future, enslaved once-blessed America may well be just another memory, explained away by historians as:

All nations that forget God are turned into hell (Ps 9:17)

“Forget God?” – just three examples:  (1) abortion (“slaughter of the innocent”); (2) homosexuality (“abomination to God”), now rampant; (3) attack on young manhood (change of “Boy Scout” to “Scout” –  feminizing consequences)


whereas their record could show,

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12).


For a treasury of God’s action mandates for “believers,” see my book America A Call To Greatness.


AACTG overflows with Christ’s action-based biblical treasures and imperatives relevant to us today.


AMERICA A CALL TO GREATNESS shows you how to save our country and freedoms for our children.




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