Must Reading for Every American – Christians Especially

“In many respects this is the most important book that has appeared on the market in the past three decades. John W. Chalfant, a brilliant researcher and writer, has captured in these pages the essence of America’s contemporary problem – and has pointed the way out of the dark for our declining civilization. With characteristic […]

Going to Produce Bountiful Blessings

“John W. Chalfant’s  important book America-A Call To Greatness is going to produce bountiful blessings upon the Christian ministries of this troubled land. He has captured the essence of militant Christianity as it relates to love of country and devotion to democratic principles which it is every citizen.s opportunity and obligation to uphold. I believe […]

Incredible Read!

Of all the books in my library on Christian Citizenship & America’s Christian Heritage, I read all or parts of this book a couple times a year. While other works may have inspired my organization (ministry)this book surely set the tone for many of my presentations. EVERY pastor in America NEEDS to read this book!!! […]

A Renewed Acknowledgment of Accountability

“John Chalfant has faithfully strived to demonstrate the incontrovertible fact that God is sovereign over all nations and all peoples. Without a renewed acknowledgment of accountability to our Creator, America will perish.” Howard Phillips, Chairman The Conservative Caucus, Inc.

A Must Read for Everyone

“America – A Call To Greatness! What a title and what a book! I have believed, and taught, that only two nations ever were ordained of God for Greatness! Israel and America! This is a must read for everyone, but especially for clergy and others in key leadership. We must be moved to action and […]

Foolproof, Attainable, Action-Based Solutions

“In a mere 228 pages John Chalfant encapsulates the cause-and-effect relationship between epochal spiritual and political struggles of our times. He offers foolproof, attainable, action-based solutions for the restoration of America’s vanishing freedoms. America – A Call To Greatness is powerful, hard-hitting, and holds no punches. Fully documented, it is filled with Bible-based political realities, […]

The Title is the Message

“The title of the book is its strongest and most to-the-point message which all concerned Americans need to hear at this critical point in history. For those who already know why America needs to return to her former greatness, Mr. Chalfant gives a concise and well organized summary of the life threatening problems confronting our […]

What an Inspiration!

What an inspiration! This book is a highly informative and motivating tool for every single American citizen who wishes to preserve their freedom. It reminds the reader that it is a direct mandate from God that we hold our elected government officials responsible for preserving out God-given freedoms, and, that our our clery must address […]

Absolutely Incredible!

Get this book! Your life and how you view your place in society will never be the same again. This book is the greatest “call to arms” of our time. John Chalfant reveals how we can take back America from the stranglehold of the nation’s godless morays of cancerous secular humanism, the liberal’s biggest social […]

This Book Will Awaken the True Greatness of God

John Chalfant’s “America: A Call to Greatness” is not only the most needed in this century, it is an articulate, spirit-led revelation for every true minister of Christ and all believers. This book provides an unparalleled opportunity to awaken the true greatness of God in empowered, born-again Christians across America. Lukewarm churches will be renewed […]

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