Foolproof, Attainable, Action-Based Solutions

“In a mere 228 pages John Chalfant encapsulates the cause-and-effect relationship between epochal spiritual and political struggles of our times. He offers foolproof, attainable, action-based solutions for the restoration of America’s vanishing freedoms. America – A Call To Greatness is powerful, hard-hitting, and holds no punches. Fully documented, it is filled with Bible-based political realities, hope and inspiration. As Chalfant contends, ‘The most exhaustive book ever written on politics is the Bible. America – A Call To Greatness should be MUST reading for every American, including politicians, clergymen, businessmen, high school and college students, homeschoolers and citizens from every rank and religious persuasion. This book contains the keys to the restoration of our country.”

Donald S. McAlvany, Editor, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor

A primary reference source for the above presentation is the classic book America — A Call To Greatness. Order yours now at

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