This Book Will Awaken the True Greatness of God

John Chalfant’s “America: A Call to Greatness” is not only the most needed in this century, it is an articulate, spirit-led revelation for every true minister of Christ and all believers.

This book provides an unparalleled opportunity to awaken the true greatness of God in empowered, born-again Christians across America. Lukewarm churches will be renewed and set on fire by God’s clear commands for His followers. American patriotic people, who carry the moral torch of freedom and liberty, will start anew the American heritage, given first by the Word of God through America’s founders and then spread by Christ’s churches.

20,000,000 church children are sitting in our government public schools every school day. The church has abandoned these precious children of Christ to an insidious indoctrination into immorality, homosexual and lesbian lifestyle acceptance, spiritism and humanist atheism. All of this curriculum destroys Christian children’s faith in God. The church of the Living God is being phased out, systematically, with 70% losing their faith by high school graduation. With 15 years of full-time monitoring of government school curriculum, our Citizens for Excellence in Education parents have thoroughly documented the ABANDONMENT THEOLOGY of most of our U.S. ministers.

May “America – A Call To Greatness” be blessed by God and turn our abandonment sins into a great spiritual awakening!

Bob Simonds
Th.D. President National Association of Christian Educators/Citizens for Excellence in Education

A primary reference source for the above presentation is the classic book America — A Call To Greatness. Order yours now at

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