What an Inspiration!

What an inspiration! This book is a highly informative and motivating tool for every single American citizen who wishes to preserve their freedom. It reminds the reader that it is a direct mandate from God that we hold our elected government officials responsible for preserving out God-given freedoms, and, that our our clery must address government issues. It is their business and responsibility. It is loaded with Biblical scripture and facts about our Christian Founding Fathers of which I was completely unaware. All American citizens, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, etc., seem to have some level of despair when considering the state of our nation. But this book has the answers. It is replete with answers to the questions about what actions we must take to halt further actions of the godless ACLU, our military disarmament, abortion, etc. We must take a stand to preserve our freedoms and, the appropriately entitled book, AMERICA – A CALL TO GREATNESS, helps to equip us with this task. After reading this book, my opinion has vastly changed. My vote and voice DO count. This is a must read for every clergyman, every elected government official, every American citizen!

Get this book! Your life and how you view your place in society will never be the same again. This book is the greatest “call to arms” of our time. John Chalfant reveals how we can take back America from the stranglehold of the nation’s godless morays of cancerous secular humanism, the liberal’s biggest social experiment — our military, willful historical and scientific misinformation, and much more, and restore it to the once great nation of our founding father’s lifelong pursuits. You owe it to those who have come before us and died for this great nation, and to those who will come after us, to be an active participant in directing this country towards the greatness upon which it was founded. I say again, GET THIS BOOK!

E. Barnett

A primary reference source for the above presentation is the classic book America — A Call To Greatness. Order yours now at www.amazon.com

Also, your donation will help John reach countless people who need his messages at this crucial hour for America.

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